Right now, I'm not very hopeful for the future. There's a lot going on in the world and in my life. Still, I choose to look on the brighter side of things.

In 10 years I will be 31 years old. I want to accomplish so many things before I turn 30, but why? Because of some imaginary time limit?

Trying to imagine my far-off future sent me into a weird headspace. How could I decide my life when I haven’t even graduated college yet?

To turn this existential crisis into the fun activity it was intended to be, I’ve put my dream future into five categories. 

1. Future Lifestyle

By next year I will be an alumnae of my college, sorority, and psychology honor society. 

Maybe I’ll join the  alumnae chapter in whatever area I live in. 

Either way, I’ll be able to fully reflect on my college experience and share my stories with the world. 

My wardrobe will be updated with my favorite colors and  styles. 

I will have either sold or donated all my excess clothes and accessories. 

I’d like to update my jewelry collection, in the future,  with pieces that fit my personality. 

It’d be nice to devote more time to designing and making jewelry again. Maybe I can sell some as a side hustle. 

By the time I’m 31, I’d like to have tried hair color wax or gel, or have my hair professionally dyed. 

I also want to get my hair pressed and trimmed by a hairdresser who understands natural hair. 

2. Future Career

I know that I will graduate college, and possibly go off to grad school at some point for my master’s in psychology or social work.

Last fall, I decided to become a school psychologist, so I’ll need an Ed.S. 

I’m no longer sure what path I want to take – pursue higher education or go straight to the workforce – but, it’s important to keep my options open. 

More than likely, I will need a Master’s degree for any professions I’m passionate about. 

In the years to come, my blog will be redesigned by a professional. I’ll have all my social media updated to fit my post-grad lifestyle.

I hope to have a YouTube channel by then so I can gain some experience video recording and editing, and reaching larger audiences. 


3. Future Relationships

I intend to become a foster parent in the future, but 31 may be too soon. 

35 seems like a better age to focus on raising a child (or children), because…finances. 

I need to gain experience living the life I want to live before bringing an innocent child into it.

I may be in a relationship, maybe even engaged, or married. But, it’s not a goal that I have to be married in 10 years. 

Most likely, I’ll have a pet cat, or even a dog. I love animals and want to bond with a bunny, or even have a room devoted to guinea pigs. 

True friends are here until the end, and I want to remain in contact with the people I’ve come to know (and will come to know).  

It’d be nice to have guests over from time to time. I could travel and stay with friends while I do. 

4. Future Home

I want to live on my own by the time I’m 30, which is nine years, so I can experience full independence. 

I need my home to have good sound-proofing so I can practice my violin without fear of disturbing any neighbors. 

I don’t want to worry about neighbors disturbing me either. 

I need a ton of natural light so in order to be happy, the darkness isn’t for me. 

I’ll have a space for plants to thrive and lots of art on the walls. 

I don’t want any unnecessary possessions, so everything must serve a purpose. 

5. Future Finances

I know that I want to be financially stable. I need a steady income for my steady student loan repayment plan. 

It’d be nice to pay off my debt long before I turn 31, but who knows how life will turn out.

I’d also like to have a good credit score, because that’s something every adult wants. 

Enough money for food, shelter, entertainment, other necessities, and Christmas presents is all I need. 

Honestly, the goal is to be in a good place financially. 

Now that I’ve finished this post, I feel much better. The future is still uncertain, but that’s okay. It’s normal. With time I will become more confident, and before I know it, my dreams will come true. 

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