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Any gap in my schedule is devoted to content creation, and I’m alright with this. Though, I know this is not sustainable.

1. TikTok

I’ve recorded at least three videos ranting about the TikTok algorithm, seeing my favorite creators banned (for anti-racist posts), and fighting to get to 10K followers. 

I hit that goal on Tuesday, July 20th and today (the 21st) I gained another 100 followers. I am ecstatic! Elated! Overjoyed! And STRESSED OUT. 

There are rarely ever any negative comments on my posts, in fact everyone is overwhelmingly supportive and compassionate. At the very least, TikTok is sending my content to the right people. 

Either way, good stress is still stress, and instead of resting (like I know I should) I just ride the high of the likes and keep recording. 

I created rules to manage my TikTik usage, but still need to follow through on them. 

Following my impulses is something new and fun, but since I want to take this more seriously I will try to stick to my plans. 

I applied for the Creator Fund and now wait AT MOST 10 days for a response. Wish me luck!!!

2. Instagram

This app hates me. Not necessarily algorithm-wise, rather the actual technology. 

I planned to transfer copies of my TikTok videos to IGTV, which allows long videos. I could only upload one. Now, it just gives me a blank screen…

Instagram Reels only allows one minute maximum, and does not create captions, which is not helpful since many of my TikTok followers need or prefer captions. This is annoying. 

My priority right now is to create posts that fit my personal brand, get comfortable designing for myself (I have experience designing for other accounts) and figure out how to market myself. 

At the very least, when someone finds thejasmineblossom, I want them to know what I’m all about. 

3. Pinterest & Twitter

Pinterest is the worst, because it shows on my profile – which EVERYONE can see – how many people see my account every month. 

When I first started my account I was getting thousands of views, but now…nothing. 

When I schedule the time, I will design a ton of pins for my blog posts and get to automating the uploads. 

I want reach and views and people seeing my dang blog!!!

I never have, and never will understand what Twitter is for. 

I use it to get quotes that look great in my Instagram feed, and link petitions no one signs.

I have grown so much because of my outside/irl experiences, but there is no doubt that social media has impacted me greatly. 

I am not the type of person people associate with having an online presence, and it feels like I’m defying gravity! 

Social media is a form of escapism, of course. As is everything I do in my free time. It’s no different from watching Netflix or anime, except I’m still creating something. 

So I regain some energy, but ultimately am still draining away at what’s left after the workday and workweek. Still, day by day I get better. 

Day by day I feel better, and feeling better is all I really care about right now.

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