I gave up on having a "typical" daily routine my freshman year. Being a college student means you have to accept that life can be unpredictable.

I recently made a post about overcoming writer’s block. Mostly, by starting a new routine. Today, I’ll focus on how I used to go through my days back on campus. 

This as close to a routine as my lifestyle would allow. 

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and cheers to day three of the 30-Day Writing Challenge!

1. Wake Up Early For Work

I prefer morning shifts because I’m a full-time college student. 

I can either work before most people wake up, or after most people are cozying up in their dorms. I was sick of working nights, so last semester I switched things up. 

I kept my uniform in its own box, so I could easily slip it on and head out the door. 

There were days when I woke up before my alarm, full of energy, full of hope. There were days when I was exhausted from getting zero hours of sleep. 

2. (Hopefully) Eating Breakfast

On most days I ate nothing. Once the weather grew warmer I began to run to breakfast before class.

This really helped improve my mood and productivity. The meal plan limits the number of meals I could eat, so there were days when I didn’t eat much. 

Thankfully, I have an employee discount and was able to eat anyway. 

3. Off to Class

I had an 8 am last semester, but instead of feeling groggy, I was wide awake. 

Before most people fall out of bed and crawl to class like zombies, I would be at work for hours. 

I always felt refreshed and ready to continue my day. 

My classes were all over the place, so I had to plan for each individual day. 

Sometimes I had night classes, other times I was in class all afternoon.

4. Back to My Dorm

After my first class, on certain days, I would head back to my dorm to relax. 

Some days I went to sleep, some days I would eat and watch some videos. 

If I ate breakfast, I probably wasn’t hungry and would instead work on assignments. 

If I didn’t eat breakfast, I would starve and run to the caf to grab food, then eat in my dorm. 

My dorm was my HQ and stopping point throughout the day. I rested when I needed to and was able to take breaks from people. I am an introvert, after all. 

5. Off to My Work Study

My hours for my federal work studies have always been in the mornings and afternoons, since it’s best for my schedule.

Sometimes I’d eat breakfast at work, or lunch, depending on how early I arrived. 

After work, I’d start my homework, but on very stressful days I just went back to my dorm to de-stress. 

6. Homework (At Last)

I preferred to do my homework in large bursts, meaning that I would find a study spot and work for hours at a time. 

It’s not the recommended method, but I needed to do what worked for me.

7. So Many Extracurriculars

Clubs, organizations, officer obligations, tutoring, volunteering, socials, and other events took up a lot of my schedule, if not most. 

My calendar was filled with activities. That’s just how college works. 

8. Time for Sleep

I value sleep more than most. I needed to be in bed by 10 pm to have a chance at getting some sleep before running to work the next day. 

It wasn’t hard to get sleepy, but it was hard to get to sleep. I was always tired from the day, but am also a light sleeper. 

This was not a good combo for a dorm life. 

It’s difficult to create and stick to a set routine in college, at least in the ways most people think of it. 

The start times and lengths for classes depend on the day.

Some assignments take longer than others, and some days you have no free time. Still, I chose for my days to be filled with activities. And, I’m glad I did.

Make sure to check out my previous post on this month’s 30-Day Writing Challenge!

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