Is there such a thing as an app that you can’t live without? Probably not.

My social media consumption has grown significantly since the summer began. I check Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok practically every day. It’s a problem that I will dive into another day, for now, let’s focus on the special few.

These five apps are the ones that I find the most useful, and therefore the ones I can’t live without!

1. Pinterest

What’s the best social media platform? Pinterest! You can create boards and pin ideas, websites, and images.

Pretty much anything that interests you can be a board, and now you can even create sections within them. 

No one understands how amazing this app is, until they try it. If you like to DIY, you can find tutorials and other useful sources.

As a blogger, I’ve been able to find amazing advice from professionals to help me create my own.

To top it off, you don’t have to interact with anyone you don’t want to, unlike most other social media platforms.

Sure, you can leave comments and join communities, but you can also remain completely isolated in your own special world.

2. My (Period) Calendar

As a woman, I need to be able to track my period. A good menstrual cycle calendar that allows you to document your symptoms is always a necessity.

How else will you know when it’s late? Or that your cycle is irregular?for any professions I’m passionate about. 


3. Webtoon

There’s something about web comics that make it easy to appreciate the talent of others. I could never draw the amazing characters, or scenes that I read in my favorite comics, like Lookism or Shiloh.

While you’re waiting in line or taking a short break from work, you can read an amazing story in only a few minutes.

4. Instagram

Someday, I hope that my instagram will look as professional as the women and men who inspire me with their own pages.

I mostly use the app to look at black artists’ work, but similar to Pinterest it’s a great starting point for my vision board.

You can experiment with different filters and hashtags and try to grow your audience.

You can see what your friends are up to, and share your own story with people from all around the world.

5. Snapseed

My favorite app is Snapseed. It allows me to color correct any photo, which is a requirement when taking photos in low-light conditions.

There are many settings – most of which I don’t use – that can completely change the mood of a photo.

You can add overlays, grain, retrolux, lens blur, and more! The best part is that it’s free to use.

Trying to make a list of apps that I “need” helped me realize what apps have been detrimental to my mental health this summer. Stay tuned for that post, coming soon!

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