The Best Music for Writers

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ~Confucius

I like variety in my music. Some of my favorite singers include Whitney Houston, Yuri, Lizzo, Aya Nakamura, Maitre Gims, and the Dixie Chicks. 

I created a playlist of all the Steven Universe soundtracks to help me study during my junior year, and would listen to my two hour-long creation on repeat, all day long. 
Back then, I was writing for my classes, for grades, and for the student blog. Now, I write for myself, so I’m taking a new approach.
To better prepare my mind for the hours of writing I will be doing, I’ve listened to a lot of music on YouTube. 
YouTube allows songs to be played for hours, even live, so I’m able to keep one channel on all day. 
No distractions through singing along to favorites or skipping nonsense I forgot to take off my playlists. 
I’ve found five channels that are bound to help any writer keep their focus and feel inspired to share their stories with the world.
With a wide selection from holiday playlists to Studio Ghibli, this channel has been a life-saver in my goal to stay focused during the pandemic. 
Their “One Week’s Music” category makes it easy to set the mood first thing in the morning, for each day of the week. 
Just between you and me, the best songs are “Rainy Jazz” and “Happy Morning”.
There’s a chance that this is simply one channel with many BGM pieces, but I can’t say for certain that this is the case. The best songs are “Winter Coffee” and “Tea Time.
For nature lovers, and people who want to pretend they’re outdoors, this is the perfect channel for you. Though, the intention seems to be to help people sleep. 
Nature sounds are known to be rather relaxing, so I’d avoid the playlists offered if you’re prone to napping when you’re supposed to be working. 
There’s something about watching a cat read that encourages me to do the same. 
Whether it’s a novel I’m reading, or an article that peaks my curiosity, I can remain distraction-free. 
If classical music is what you’re looking for, this is the best channel to find it. With selections from “Baroque” to “Sacred Chants”, you’re pretty much good to go. 
I prefer this channel for when I meditate, but it can be handy for reflection. This music will put you into a calm state of mind, allowing you to finally journal in peace. 
The “Relaxation” and “Deep Sleep” categories are my favorite. 

Bonus: Your favorite music. 

You know what you like, you know which songs distract you and which ones motivate you to remain focused on your writing. 

Note: This post isn’t sponsored by anyone. I just enjoy listening to these videos while I work. Especially, when I’m struggling with motivation. 

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