“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.” ~Michelle Obama

All my intentions are out the window for I live in the moment. I took a shower this morning, and watched a YouTube video about moving in silence. I feel happy and energized so I shaved and made sure to layer my lotion. I read somewhere that it’s a good practice to help ground yourself + appeal to your physical touch love language.

To capitalize off of my joy, I decided to dress up and set up my new background for my YouTube videos. I planned to take photos for LinkedIn, but the one I have now is fine and any photos I take myself won’t look nearly as professional.

Motivated to truly feel my joy, I recorded my first YouTube video in over a month, to share 10 Lessons I’ve Learned Being Open on TikTok. I also took a few selfies and even updated my profile pics. For lunch, I ate some pizza and watched HunterXHunter: Chimera Ant Arc. The fights with the royal guard and the kind are the best.

Since it’s back-to-school season I plan to finally make posts about college life and lessons I’ve learned being post-grad. TikTok as a tool is working for me, and Instagram is fun, but I want to try out Twitter so I need to work on getting my account together – deleting unnecessary posts, etc.

I didn’t want to clean my bathtub, but it’s something that had to be done. While I cleaned, I continued listening to the video and began enjoying the many Black mental health practitioner Tedx Talks cued on my Watch Later.

Deep cleaning the bathroom was a major goal I didn’t even realize was a major goal. I’d put off cleaning the bathtub like it was natural. You see, my bathtub is a bit weird, so it’s a hassle to clean, but today I figured out a way to get it done the right way.

I then ate some lunch, but found myself nodding off during the Chairman’s fight (Hunter X Hunter) !!! My nap lasted 2-3 hours, and even now I’m still sleepy. I guess my body wants to catch up on rest.

Something about listening to my body and slowing down has brought me true peace.

Every week I get closer to figuring out how to do the self-care thing in the ways that truly benefit me. To see my growth check out my first post on the subject. 

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Self Care Quote-Michelle Obama

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