Detangling my hair and blowing it out with no heat is no easy task.

I was tempted to use heat but decided against it, to avoid heat damage. I don’t own any heat protectant so it won’t be a worthwhile risk.

I spent at least 12 hours detangling my hair from roots to ends a few days ago. I am quite proud of myself, though I can’t help but fixate on the next steps. What will I do with my hair? I know I need to trim the ends, but what else?

The last time my hair was completely detangled was when my mom and I put in purple box braids. At that time my hair measured around 25-26 inches. Shrinkage is real.

I really wanted to see my hair in a fully blown out state. Not only would it be easier to trim my ends, but it’d make for some nice photos to surprise my friends. 

The hardest part about no-heat detangling natural hair, is that you have to balance moisture with keeping the curls from reforming.

You can’t detangle your hair while it’s dry, because you’ll damage the strands. If your hair’s too wet, you’ll have a harder time isolating the single strand knots.

A fine balance must be created, and though it took a long time, I had fun figuring it out. 

Following, as a close second, is the fact that I have several hair types growing out of my head.

With mostly 4c/4b hair with possibly some 4a/3c/4a-in-a-half hair around my face, I have to be careful with my detangling. This is why I put my hair into sections. 

Once the split ends are trimmed, it’ll be a lot easier to wash my hair. I assume there will be less shedding since I already brushed my hair. No tangles, means no sacrificed baby hairs too! 

I have more important things to do, and their mean words don’t have to affect me.

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