What do I want for Christmas? I have no clue, but what I do know is how I want my wardrobe to look within the next few years.

As of today, I have a clothes pile that I would like to get rid of. I originally planned to donate, but have learned that I can sell these items I no longer need.

To decide what to keep, for now, I researched all the clothing styles, colors, and fabrics that have always been on my mind.

There are so many questions to answer. Why don’t I dress how I want to dress? What style does my current wardrobe reflect? Why do I have so many clothes?

Today I need to decide where I want to go. I already know myself well enough to create this list of five clothing items (approximately) that I would like to own.

1. A Yellow Dress

I love yellow. It’s such a bright and happy color, and I look great in it. 

I used to have a white dress with yellow flowers when I was little, and want to recreate that look. The problem is, yellow is not a popular color.

Mustard yellow is only in season during the fall and the brighter shades are only in the spring. 

Sometimes yellow pops up in more places during the summer months, but not nearly as much as blue, red, or pink. I need to gather as much yellow as I can, so that I can glow all year long. 

2. A Few Solid Colored Shirts

Too many of my shirts have words on them, it’s annoying. Most of my shirts are graphic tees, which makes it difficult to go for a simple look. 

I did like to stand out when I was younger, especially since I wore a uniform 80 percent of the time.

I admire the minimalist aesthetic of solid, neutral colors. Being able to pair a few shirts and bottoms to create hundreds of combinations is exciting. 

Still, I love colors, and I only want to update my collection to fit my current style. I believe clothes should reflect my personality.

3. Plain Striped T-Shirts (Not Black or Red Stripes)

To go along with a more simple look, I need some striped shirts. 

In my favorite video game, Style Savvy Trendsetters, there’s a simple white shirt with thin, light brown stripes, and I want that shirt. 

I could pair any jewelry piece with it, and it would give me more of a mature, feminine look.

4. A Faux Leather Jacket

In yellow, baby blue, or pink a faux leather jacket would look so cute. It would bring a nice pop to any look, while also looking cool by itself. 

I once had a greyish-blue faux leather jacket, but I grew out of it. Ever since I lost it, I wanted another one.

Perhaps a brown jacket would suffice – brown is a neutral color – but not nearly as plain as black or white. 

No offense to black or white, but those two colors are extremely popular and I want my jacket to stand out. 

5. A Trench Coat

I always knew I would become a detective, and all detectives wear trench coats. Sherlock Holmes, Monsieur Poirot, and Doctor Who have all worn trench coats at some point in their careers. 

Now that I’m older, I binge watch Law and Order, and when I say every single DA has a trench coat, I mean it. 

Picture me in a trench coat. Elegant, refined, and clearly a nerd. Yes, everyone who wears one is a nerd, they just don’t want to admit it. 

It’s the perfect coat for me. Someday, I’ll get one, and it will be a magical day indeed. 

As you can tell, I’m a dreamer. I’m also a doer. These are all perfectly attainable goals, because all I need to do is save enough money to purchase these items.

Sure, it’ll take some time. I am a college student, and grad school can be expensive, but eventually I can save the money and create my dream wardrobe. Wish me luck!

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