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My New Year's resolution of going to the gym three times every week is no longer feasible...

… so I’m replacing it with a new resolution: to keep my hair happy and healthy. 

There’s no better time than the present to get started, so I’ve come up with five hair goals that I will strive to meet this summer.

1. Learn My Hair Type

I’m positive that I have mostly 4c hair, but the looser curls may be a mixture of 4a and 4b. 
This is why I tried to devote more time to learning about my hair and caring for it, but you know how anxiety can be. 
To avoid the struggles of practicing patience and taking down my protective hairstyles, before wash day, I chose to be lazy.
I could’ve searched why my hair became dry and brittle so soon after a great deep conditioning, or even whether the products I was using were the cause. 
I’ve had this hair for 21 years, but it still confuses me. It’s stressful to put hours into something only for it all to not matter within a day or two.
But, these mistakes lead to great reflection and I finally knew what questions to ask. 
Do I have low or high or porosity hair? What is my hair density? How does the environment affect the health of my hair? 
I am no longer anxious. It’s time to get answers to my questions.

2. Start a Moisturizing Routine

My hair gets dry fairly easily, and I may or may not have high porosity hair. 
Either way, if I don’t learn to care for it now, all the progress I’ve made will be lost when I return to school. 
Right now, the summer weather is the optimal environment for my hair.
I’ve craved humidity in the air for so long; it makes it easier to retain moisture. 
I will use this opportunity to form the habit of moisturizing my hair throughout the week. 
This will not only help my hair remain soft, but also reduce breakage and make wash day much easier.

3. Try New Hairstyles

This summer I won’t work fast food jobs that require me to restrict my hair as much as possible, forcing me to use hair ties that cause my ends to break. 
All that damage just to fit under hats – that can barely fit the heads of straight-haired people – is not worth it.
My hair is free now and will remain free, which is the best way to retain its length and its health. 
I have more free time than I’ve ever had before, so I will use this time to experiment with new hairstyles. 
Creating hairstyles that I can wear to work, around campus, or at events is the plan.
Check out my Pinterest board to see what’s caught my eye.

4. Plan for Future Wash Days

Once I go back to school, I simply won’t have enough time to care for my hair like I should. Unless, I make the time. 
I am a glutton for challenge, and have the unfortunate habit of stacking too many responsibilities on my plate.
In order to continue caring for my hair, I will record how long it takes me to wash it, moisturize it, and style it, so that I can set aside the needed time slots in my schedule.

5. Photograph My Natural Hair

I want the world to see my beautiful hair, so I need to take photos. I am committed to bringing much needed Type 4 hair representation to social media. 
Quite honestly, I don’t have many good photos of myself, especially ones where my hair is happy and healthy.
My Instagram feed is full of inspiring images of women with curly hair, motivating me to finally do the same. 
No more excuses; it’s time to put effort into my social media.

I believe that all of these goals are doable, and though some may prove to be more difficult than others, I am optimistic. Wish me luck!

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