My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Quite frankly, there are no blogs that I read regularly. After creating this list, I think I'll change that.

I don’t really have specific blogs that I follow yet. The prompt for today asks for blogs I read on the regular, but I’m still new to this.

I do look to Pinterest for inspiration, to see how bloggers from all walks of life express their creativity. I also find bloggers on Instagram to see how professionals manage their social media accounts.

For the sake of the 30-Day Writing Challenge, I’ve listed the five blogs that have motivated me the most to become an amazing blogger.

1. According to Kori

I found this blog through Kori A. Winters’s sister’s YouTube channel Erin on Demand. I originally planned on starting a blog and becoming a YouTuber this summer.

After watching a video where Kori and she discussed the differences between blogs and YouTube channels, I accepted that I only needed one commitment. 

Kori gives great advice on how to write blog posts that attract readers and maintain their attention. Not to mention the fact that her motto “writing my wrongs and editing yours” is super catchy. 

2. The Social Media Examiner

What can I say? I have a thing for the color brown. Their brand colors remind me of my own. I mean I never go out of my way to seek this site, it just happens to be the link I click on. It also answers all of my questions.

This site explains how to market your brand on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok (and more)! These are all tips and tricks that I need to know, since I’m learning how to create my own brand.

3. The Bliss Bean

I found The Bliss Bean through her YouTube channel. She made a video explaining how she edits her videos and photos.

I find her both her channel and her blog to be aesthetically pleasing. She has a set color scheme that she sticks to with all of her social media.

I aspire to have that level of consistency someday. Though, I’m not a photographer, so it’s not a priority. 

4. The Good Graduate

I wanted to find a blog related to student life. I’ll be heading off to post-grad (most likely) once I graduate next year, and could use some words of wisdom.

While it’s helpful to look at women that have been bloggers for years now, it’s just as important to look at my peers (nearly).

5. Her Campus

This is one of those websites that always popped up when searching for college advice. I never considered casually reading posts every once in a while. I suppose I should get into the habit. Essentially, I trust this website because it’s focused on young women, and I’m a young woman. 

I don’t intend to limit myself to only a few blogs, but I now see the benefit of becoming a subscriber to a few, especially as I work to improve my own.

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