“Love, Stargirl”

"Love, Stargirl", by Jerry Spinelli, is my favorite book from childhood.

It’s the ninth day of the 30-Day Writing Challenge, and today’s topic is “a book I love”. Stargirl (from 2000) was one of my favorite books growing up, but the book I loved even more was Love, Stargirl, the sequel.

The first book was from the perspective of Leo, the boy who crushed on her, yet took her for granted.

I mean, the kid cared more about fitting in than being a good friend to her. He deserved to have his heart broken, especially since he broke hers. 

I loved the story, because I wanted to be like Stargirl. She was very brave and comfortable being the eclectic and whimsical child that she was.

With her pet rat, Cinnamon, that she kept in her purse, her ukelele, and unapologetic attitude inspired me to value my uniqueness and creativity. 

I remember how she kept a box full of stones, each one for a day she was happy. I have my own stone collection, though my collection process differs.

I wanted to re-read it to take a stroll down memory lane, but I gifted it a long time ago. Fortunately, I kept it’s better half. 

The second book (from 2007) is from the viewpoint of Stargirl herself. She left for a new town, where a new love interest appeared. However, she still loved Leo.

He wasn’t good enough for her, but he was the first peer to accept her. First loves are always the hardest. 

I loved how it was formatted as diary entries, and how she reflected on her day. I also loved how it’s essentially one long letter for Leo.

No one knew what she was thinking or how she was feeling in the original story. She was finally able to speak her truth, and become truly comfortable with herself and others. 

I suppose I have another goal for the summer – to re-read Love, Stargirl.

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