July 4th: Getting Stuff Done

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” ~ Marie Kondo

As a mental health advocate (in training) who needs to practice what she preaches, I decided to spend the holiday deep cleaning my apartment. To hold myself accountable, I am writing this post which will include hourly updates on my progress.

11:40 am = start time

12:40 pm = 1 hr

Washing dishes, organizing cabinets, cleaning the stove. Cleaning the stove was more challenging than expected, not because it was filthy, but because I didn’t realize I couldn’t simply click the thingy that heats up with the thingy that holds it, before putting it back in its place. I had to go to YouTube for help. YouTube taught me that stove tops can be removed completely, something I never knew before. #AdultingMagic

I decided to take a chance and just push the pieces really hard, and it worked. Anxiety really makes mountains out of the slightest inconveniences, huh? The oven looked clean, so I didn’t bother. 

Next was watering my plants, checking for new growth, and removing the dead. They’re actually doing pretty well, despite the fungus gnats. The fly tape is doing a good job catching most of them.

1:45 pm = 2hrs

I redecorated a bit. I don’t have much space so I have to be creative with it, which isn’t hard since I was living in a dorm these past few years. The space looks more open, which helps my mind feel lighter. I dusted everywhere, including the hard-to-reach areas above the cabinets. There are little spider webs everywhere, so this will have to be a weekly, even daily task while it’s hot/warm weather. I managed to clean my windows even with wasps trying to fly inside (pseudo-exposure therapy).

2:45 pm = 3hrs

Ate some pasta.

3:00 pm – 6:30 pm= virtual family call

I ate a sandwich, since I only had a little pasta leftover. Ranted a bit about Andre Walker and his textures hair typing system, because seriously, 4C hair wasn’t even included because he deemed it “

I then read this article from Sorella about why Black women should just leave his hair typing system behind. 

4:30 pm = checked my TikTok account

I expected a ton of hate comments, but after five hours the video only has one thousand views, so I’m good. Likely because the top content this weekend is about the Fourth of July. I organized my mail, which I’ve been dropping into a box without checking for the past few weeks. 

4:45 pm = 5 hrs

Clearing out my mail cleared even more space on my floor. It feels more minimalist

5:45 pm = 6 hrs

I have door decorations I will be giving to a few friends who are still in college. I also have an idea for a video based on other papers I found. Onto cleaning the bathroom. A shining, reflective sink is a great reminder to be thankful I have my own sink. 

6:45 pm = 7 hrs

During the family call I made a declaration that I would learn to be (at the very least) a mediocre dancer to help my videos get more reach, but also because it’d be fun. It’ll help me show my followers that I’m continuing to work through my anxiety and self-esteem issues. 

I re-arranged more furniture – I don’t have much but I’ve been living here for a whole month now, so it’s time to switch things up. I continued organizing documents and ordered a pizza. Checked Tik Tok again. I do believe content related to Indigenous Tik Tok is being suppressed because I’m being recommended unrelated videos people posted weeks ago rather than recently. 

After I eat a bit, I’ll move onto the bathroom. Up next is deep cleaning the bathtub. I already deep cleaned the bathroom last weekend, but the bathtub needs some TLC. 

7:45 pm = 8 hrs

Ate some pizza, watched The Seven Deadly Sins, and chugged glasses of water. Scrolled on Tik Tok, but didn’t keep track of the time. 

8:45 pm = 9 hrs

Scrolled and Tik Tok, but did not track for how long. Cleaned the bathroom.

9:45 pm = 10 hrs

Started daydreaming while cleaning the bathroom. Became distracted by Tik Tok. Worked on the bedroom. 

10:45 pm = 11 hrs

Relaxed and took note of all I accomplished today. Looked over my analytics and planned content for tomorrow. Created a shopping list and wish list. 

11:45 pm = 12 hrs

Off to bed. 

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