I’m Living in a Fantasy World

Beautiful, Fantasy, Galactic Black Woman

I’m living in a fantasy world, within myself.

I go to my happy place through shower karaoke,
Coconut oil on freshly shaven skin,
Digital snow while I sit warmly under the quilt my mother made me.

I am reminded of the physical realm
every time I open my eyes
I see sunshine cloaking an endless frost
Black ice under the white snow
Hiding the obvious truth with fluff.

Every time my ears are unplugged
in the night I hear angry shuffling
Unprovoked slamming of shouts against wood
Howling into my dreams
Reminding me of days I try to forget.

Memories belong in the past
When I successfully pushed them out of my path
every time my toes curled into my boots,
Scurrying across the pavement,
Calluses blooming across my soles.

I am reminded of the physical realm
Through the sound of my heartbeat
Racing against time that never sleeps and keeps me awake.

I woke up this morning in tears
Because slumber was once my only reprieve.
But the sunrise made me realize, I am adaptable
Planting my roots within myself
Because I’m living in a fantasy world.

(Written February 6, 2022 by. Jasmine Barlow)

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