Headed In the Right Direction

Headed in the Right Direction

Something about feeling genuinely happy motivates me to keep this feeling alive.

I’ve finally found myself all over again. After four months of starting full-time work and finally getting my own apartment (May) + beginning my mental health journey (June) + practicing self-care and exploring social media (July) + advocating for myself and figuring out my priorities (August), I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

My ultimate goal of this mental health journey was to get back to the middle. To figure out how to manage all these new stressors, while healing from previous scars. Now, my goal is to move on to the next steps, to grow, to create the life I know I deserve.


“I spend so much time with my head in the clouds
Now that I’ve got my feet on the ground
I found that I am
Headed in the right direction” 
~ India Arie

I didn’t see the point in affirmations, but now I understand. Saying phrases aloud brings them into the world, fills up the space, and helps me feel grounded. The affirmation I said today was “I take my power back. I’m calling all my energy back to me.” There were various affirmations that said something similar, which motivated me to try it.

This past week, I focused on creating a routine. It’s been nearly impossible to create one since my schedule has been all over the place. I had to take advantage of this new work schedule to finally do what I must. I ate breakfast, took my allergy medicine + vitamins, and made my lunches the night before. I slept in this weekend, past 6 am, WOOP WOOP! Took a relaxing bath and focused on scents using candles and essential oils.

Even now, I’m writing again, after SO LONG! I’m always so tired during my lunch breaks and after work, but the weekends can be the key to recharging my battery for the following week.

I kept trying to make myself face the future when I didn’t even know what I really wanted. Trying to force myself to make decisions I’m not ready to make, just to feel like I’m doing something when I’m already doing something and have already done so much.

Ahh, finding my peace again is such a refreshing feeling.

I will say that India Arie’s music feels different now that I’m older. Guess it comes with life experience. 

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