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Graduate School, Postgraduate Life, and College Memories.

As students in the school of life, we are on a lifelong quest to discover new and improved ways of surviving despite our circumstances. We desire to thrive and excel at what we love! This page will focus on student life and academia,

The life, community, or world of teachers, schools, and education.
~ Merriam Webster

According to the psychological VIA  (Values In Action) assessment, my number one character strength is Love of Learning. I have always been the schoolgirl who sits by herself immersed in her books, drawings, journals, and beyond. With myriad interests and hobbies, I will never be satisfied with the knowledge I’ve gained. Which is why I wish to foster curiosity through this blog!

Posts ranging from reasons to look forward to college to my first days as a graduate student will be at your fingertips (or click of your mouse). As an added bonus, you will find life lessons, adulting advice, and student complaints! Enjoy!


I graduated from a small liberal arts school in Iowa – Coe College (Class of 2021). I started as a psychology and computer science major. Later, I transitioned into a Creative Writing, French, and Psychology triple major. Finally, I resolved to graduate with my Psychology major & Creative Writing and French minors.

Yes, it was my intention to say major and minor as often as possible. To check my record here’s my LinkedIn


Graduate School

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