2020 Vision Board

"Setting goals allows you to paint a vision of what you wish your future to be." ~ Catherine Pulsifer

I’ve never done a vision board before, so I had to get creative with my materials. The examples I saw on Pinterest look like fun, but also require actual poster boards, which I do not own. I also have no intention of purchasing any more craft supplies. 

I own several magazines and went through each one, ripping out pages and cutting out words or images that spoke to me. I used thick, pastel paper as a base for my collages and used Mod Podge to put it all together.

I have many goals, many visions and needed to find a way to express as many of them as possible for this task. In total I made four separate pieces.

1. the simple life

The simplest one has a photo of a very beautiful girl who rocks her natural hair. I knew I needed to have her photo on my wall because I wish I looked like her when I was fourteen. To this day, I still can’t figure out makeup. 

She also evoked the feeling of freedom within me. Freedom to express yourself and freedom to be proud of yourself – especially in your youth – are important values of mine. This is why the rest of the collage includes “a very bright future” and some fruit – to show how I find freedom in the simple things.


The professional collage focuses on my future aesthetic as a college grad. There’s a lot of white in the photographs to reflect the minimalist aesthetic of the millennials before me. 

I also cut out an interview where a woman describes how “she finds hope in finding success on [her] own terms”. Setting healthy boundaries is one of my New Year’s resolutions and I’m doing pretty well. 

Having a clearer image of what this will mean for my future is very motivating.

3. in bloom

& More

This is a rather feminine collage, focusing on my preferred perspective of the world. 

A woman wearing a pink, black, and green striped shirt catches my eye while I write, reminding me of my desire for a shirt just like that. There’s a woman with an olive jacket, and a woman with a more eclectic style, as well. 

4. Body language

This is the adventurous collage. It’s very flirty – with a ton of hot pink, gold, and glitter – to see a different side of myself. 

On a scale of masculine to feminine, I’m somewhere towards the middle. I’m beginning to explore makeup, but it’s a process.

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