Today begins my 30-Day Writing Challenge. Using prompts I found from Pinterest. "For a blog to be successful the blogger must be consistent"
~Words of Wisdom from Myself.

1. I Love My Hair

For some reason, people have always hated my hair. From complete strangers to classmates, there are people who call it “messy” and “nappy”  because it’s not straight. 

No matter their race or gender, people always have something to say. It used to get to me, but at some point I realized that it’s not my problem. 

I love my hair. It’s thick and curly, and can hold onto styles for weeks. I can style it short, long, braided, or just let it be free. 

If I apply heat it can become straight, and using different techniques it can look unrecognizable. 

Despite all the hate I’ve received, I wouldn’t change a single thing about it, because it’s beautiful. 

2. I Make My Own Jewelry

Jewelry has always fascinated me. Metals and gemstones come together to make the most beautiful pieces. 

Being a Catholic school girl meant I had to be clever in expressing myself, to follow dress codes. 

Simple necklaces and earrings became my staple and soon I built up a collection. 

One summer I joined a jewelry-making apprenticeship and fell in love with the process. 

Designing something on paper and making it real is a true experience.  

I couldn’t look at the cheap pieces I purchased from Forever 21 or Claire’s the same way again. 

Using the toolkit and materials my mom purchased for me, I began making my own jewelry, and still do to this day. 

3. I Don't Enjoy Spending Money

My anxiety and fixation habits make shopping difficult.  Do I want that bag enough to spend money that I could spend on something else? 

I have so many expenses, and even when I have money all I can think about is saving it. 

Besides, it’s not like I have a lot of income, most things aren’t worth the money I want to spend. 

However, there are times when I keep telling myself that I need something and know that I need it, but won’t buy it. 

Once I see what I want, I must research reviews, watch videos, take to forums to get the info I need to make an informed decision.  

If I still want it, and go through the process of putting items in my cart, I will abandon it if it costs more than I’m willing to spend. Eventually, I no longer want it. 

4. I Collect Rocks

There’s something about rocks that just feel grounded. It’s hard to describe, but I feel present and centered when I find a nice rock. 

I have to bring it home with me, to add substance to my room, and to my soul. Only people who collect rocks will understand how special they are. 

Each one is unique, there are gemstones and minerals that have different names and different histories. 

I wanted to be a geologist, but decided to focus on the love of rocks as a hobby. 

Someday, I will have a shelf of all my rocks, with labels, and take wonderful photos of them. 

5. I Drink a Lot of Water

Have you ever met someone who says they hate the taste of water? 

I get where they’re coming from, but I’ve had a lot of water in my life, and most of it tasted amazing. 

We’re supposed to have at least 8 oz of water a day, which is actually a very small amount of water, it’s only a cup, which doesn’t even fill a normal-size cup. 

I can barely function without water. When I feel lightheaded I realize that I’ve been drinking tea all day instead of water. 

I average around 60 oz a day. I know. I could drink more, but this is just an estimation.

6. I Don't Like to Wear Makeup

Watching beauty gurus apply foundation is enough for me. I don’t need to spend hours putting products on my face. 

My face should thank me for remembering to cleanse and moisturize it. If you look at my insta-feed, I probably have on lipstick. 

That counts right? I wear lipstick for photos to make my lips pop. Most of the time I’m just bare-faced. 

I have nothing against makeup, I just don’t like the idea of putting a million things on my face – only for a look to turn out wrong.

Even if it turns out right I have to wash it all away. 

It’s summertime, so I’ve been experimenting with techniques during quarantine, but there’s no way I will put in that much effort during the school year. 

7. I Wish I Could Bake More

I have a sweet tooth, but vegan baking is hard. I’m lactose-intolerant, but make the best cakes with milk substitutes. 

However, substituting eggs is a whole other story. I was able to successfully create chocolate cake, but I need to make brownies, cookies, muffins, and bread too. 

It’s also not good for my health to eat sweets. I’ve consumed too much sugar since coming to college. 

Still, I want to bake more. You can only learn new recipes through trial and error, after all. 

8. I Cannot Use Vibrato

I’ve been playing the violin (off and on again) since the fifth grade. I’ve always struggled most with learning vibrato, mostly because no one would teach me. 

I don’t know why no one would teach me, especially since I always asked (and everyone else was learning it somehow). 

But, I simply don’t know how to move my fingers and wrist in a way that would create that unmistakable sound on my violin. 

I haven’t played my violin for two years, but I have a feeling that I will start playing again, and successfully teach myself the technique. 

9. I Have a Photo Collection

Novice photography is a hobby of mine. I want to capture every moment, so I can look back at it years later and take strolls down memory lane. As long as I don’t print them it’s not hoarding right? 

10. I Do NOT Trust Cruise Ships

The ocean is wide and deep, and being stuck on a ship with hundreds of drunk strangers does not sound like fun to me.

Did you know that hundreds of people go missing on cruise ships every year? 

Have you ever wondered about a possible pirate attack? Don’t you find it worrying to travel international waters?

Not all cruise ships require passengers to have passports, but what do you do if you need to enter a foreign country after a mishap? No, thank you. 

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